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Full Helmet2.jpg

3D Printing

Eson the Searcher Headpiece

Originally Created by Marvel Comics

Illustrated by Jack Kirby

I created this project as a way to expand my digital skills and learn about 3d printing. I researched early Jack Kirby comics and found a relatively unknown character (Eson) to base the piece on.

Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 08.51.40.png
Eson The Searcher as he appears in the original Eternals comic. 

Illustrator colour sample

Card scale model

Paper Eson the Searcher
Paper Eson the Searcher 2
Paper Eson the Searcher 3
Illustrator colour sample of Eson the Searcher

Drawn in Fusion 360 and split into printable size pieces

Fusion Eson the Searcher

Using Ultimaker Cura to slice the files then printed on an FDM printer

Ultimate cura file
Printing wall piece
Finished print
Printing piece 2
Head before sanding
Head during sanding
Head after sanding
helmet right side
Back of Helmet
helmet left side
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