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Prop Making and Art Department

Prop Maker for 'Heartstopper' Season 2 - 2022
Production Design | Carys Beard
Set Decortator | Maxwell Fine

Working closely with the Production Designer, I had to create pieces to fill the art room as well as decorations for the school prom scenes. The artworks had to look as if they had been created by the teenage students.

Harrods x Christian Dior Christmas Windows 2022
Prop Maker at MDM Props

Working as part of a large group of makers, turning Harrods into a gingerbread extravaganza. I was given the task  of piping the icing external gingerbread flowers.  As well as working in the workshop I also worked on-site for the setup.

Client Shed Renovation
Nerf Den

I was ask to turn a family's cluttered and cobwebbed garden shed into a Nerf Gun den for their son.  They were keen for a lot of fun storage for his ammo and Nerf Guns, as well as a place for him and his friends to hang out. I utilised the materials already available from the shelving as well as sourcing other items to build all the new interiors.