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Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales


Written by Philip Pullman
Adapted by Philip Wilson
Directed by Jac Ifan Moore


My 3rd year theatre production was for the

Richard Burton Company's production of Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales, from a script adapted by Philip Wilson.


Working with director Jac Ifan Moore we wanted to create a fun, family show for the Christmas season. The staging needed to be fast-moving, witty and with quirky props.


As the play involved 5 different stories, it was important to create an adaptable space where the set could be used in unexpected ways. 

Grimm Tales - Grannys House
First Sketch of Grimm
White card of Grimm
Model box of Grimm

The design also featured a live band of 4 musicians; The Dead Relatives. Their positioning influenced the staging and the gallery gave them space to perform, yet still feel a visible part of the show.

It also served to add levels for the actors to perform.

Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 16.17.22.png

Costume Drawings

Thousandfurs first sketch
Thousandfurs finished

Thousandfurs Coat

Grimms Photos
Grimms Photos

Goose Pie Puppet

Goose pie Sketch
Goose pie illustration

The Witch's House in Hansel and Gretel

Grimm Programme
Grimm Programme

Photos by Jorge Lizalde

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