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Prop Making



Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Phillip Breen 
Designed by Oscar Morris 

I was given the opportunity to produce the prop scythe used by "death" in The Richard Burton Company's production of Everybody.

The piece was based on a traditional, wooden handled scythe with a curved blade. It was important to consider the correct proportions as the actor playing "death" was over 6ft tall and the blade needed to arch above his head.

Working on the scythe involved foam carving, jesmonite and paint finishes.

From concept drawing to finished Scythe


Persian Scimitar

This piece developed from a 1st year props project.

I began with researching into the traditional shapes and designs of Persian swords of the 18th century.

The hilt and handle were modelled in mixed media (wood, plasticine, beads) from which was made a silicone mold. The final piece was cast in resin.

The blade was ground from a piece of sheet metal and polished.

IMG_0996 2.JPG

Original reference

sword 2_edited.jpg
sword 1_edited.jpg

Shed Renovation
Private commission

This opportunity was to turn a families garden shed into a Nerf Gun den for their son.  They were keen for a lot of fun storage for his ammo and Nerf Guns as well as a place for him and his friends to hang out. I utilised the materials already available from the shelving as well as sourcing other items to build all the new interiors. 


My First design mood boards

I worked closely along with the client throughout the process. We decided that due to the size of the space it would be better to create seating that was smaller and able to be moved around depending on how the son wanted to use it. We setled on some stalls and with the extra wall space available, added more basket storage.

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