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Set and Costume Design

Pimlico Musical Foundation's 'Noye's Fludde' 2023
Director | Oscar Simms

At the heart of this project was the desire for the kids to enjoy the many different aspects of creating and taking part in a production, whilst using the plot of Noah's Ark to encourage them to talk about global warming and it effects. In making the sets and costumes it was also important to reuse materials. I went into schools to help them make their animal masks out of cereal boxes and collaged magazines, and to continue the theme of recycling, I made the boat and mast from used wood, cardboard tubes and a cat scratching post! 

Final production images | Evie Redfern

English National Ballet School Trainee Programme Showcase 2022
Artistic Director | Viviana Daurante
Choreographer   | Mauro de Candia

This piece was called, 'Velvet', to represent the theatre curtain and the various extravagant personalities it hides. Combining pieces of music from various well known operas such as La Boheme and Madame Butterfly, it had humorous choreography, combining dance and theatre. The individual dancers vied for the attention of the audience, always trying to hog the limelight. Each dancer's individual ruff was hand sewn and designed to compliment their on-stage personality's; some were smaller and neat, others more flamboyant.